Do you ever feel you are struggling with a derm case and don’t know where to turn? Looking for the right vet skin treatments?

Why not refer to Anthony at one of his clinics in Liverpool, Leeds or Manchester? His experience with vet skin treatments is wide ranging.

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If you are too far away from these clinics or the client is unwilling to travel, have you considered an internet consult with Anthony to put together a diagnostic and treatment plan?

Anthony is also available for vet skin treatments training days at your practice as well.

Are you struggling with a difficult skin case?

Need some advice or want to refer for vet skin treatments? Anthony Chadwick runs vet skin treatments dermatology clinics in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. Vet pet skin treatments clinics are run weekly at Liverpool and Leeds and monthly at Manchester.

A 1 hour appointment is made initially to take a detailed history and physical examination and run any routine tests such as skin scrapes that may help to make a diagnosis for these vet pet skin treatments. Pets are then seen as necessary until a diagnosis is made and a vet pet skin treatments plan is successfully controlling the pet’s problem.

A history from the vet detailing previous vet skin treatments and any test results should be sent either before the consult or with the client. A report of Anthony’s findings will be emailed, faxed and posted to suit your requirements.

Common cases seen include allergic, parasitic and hormonal dermatological problems whilst immune mediated, developmental and neoplastic skin diseases are seen less commonly. Anthony is happy to accept any dermatological or endocrinological referrals from vets in these areas. These vet skin treatments will make all the difference.

Further afield he offers vet skin treatment advice consults over the web to vets seeking advice with difficult cases. A history is emailed to Anthony with photographs. He will email you with thoughts and suggestions and will remain in touch until the vet skin treatments case is resolved. He will also telephone you if that is required. He is also happy to do continuing professional development in practices tailored to the practice’s requirements. An example of a talk given to a group of Latvian vets on behalf of Royal Canin is included in the website.

This vet skin treatments website also contains articles of interest to pet owners but referral to Anthony must be done through the pet owner’s vet.

Anthony is happy to see any pet with itchy skin, hair loss or redness of the skin. If in doubt email for a swift response. You’ll be glad you contacted us to help you with your vet skin treatments concerns!